Electric Cars and Snowy Weather: How Snow Tires Can Help

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular in New Zealand, thanks to their fuel efficiency, low emissions and affordable pricing. But with winter comes snow – and that’s a big challenge for EVs. As the roads can be icy and slippery, it’s important to make sure your electric car is fitted with suitable tires – snow tires in particular. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of snow tires and how they can help keep EVs safe on snowy roads.

The Benefits of Snow Tires

Snow tires are designed specifically for cold weather conditions. They feature a softer rubber compound which ensures better grip on icy surfaces than regular tires. The treads also provide improved traction, enabling an EV to accelerate better and brake more effectively in snowy conditions. This increased grip reduces the risk of accidents or skidding, making driving in the snow much safer for drivers of electric cars.

In addition to providing better grip, snow tires also offer improved cornering stability and greater comfort when driving in icy conditions. Their tread patterns are designed to channel water away from the surface of the tire, giving you more control when navigating corners or sharp turns on slippery roads. So if you’re planning on taking your electric car out in snowy weather, fitting it with dedicated snow tires is essential for safety reasons.

Why You Should Invest in Good Quality Snow Tires

When shopping for snow tires, it’s important to opt for high-quality products that have been tested in harsh winter conditions. Cheaper brands tend not to perform as well as more expensive ones, and may eventually wear out quickly due to the extra effort needed when driving on slippery surfaces. Investing in good quality snow tires will give you peace of mind that your EV is safe and secure on the road during any inclement weather.

It’s also worth noting that some car manufacturers will only approve certain types of tire for use with their EVs – so make sure you check what type of tire is recommended before making your purchase!

Tips For Ensuring Your Safety When Driving On Snowy Roads

Driving an EV in snowy weather requires extra care and attention from drivers, even if their vehicle is fitted with good quality snow tyres. Below are some tips for ensuring your safety:

• Drive Slowly:

    To avoid any accidents, drive at a slower speed than usual when dealing with icy roads – regardless of whether you’re driving an EV or not.

• Increase Your Following Distance:

    Make sure there is plenty room between you and the car ahead so that you can react safely if something unexpected happens.

• Test Your Brakes Before Setting Off:

    Always tap your brakes gently before setting off to make sure they respond correctly.

• Be Prepared For Slippery Surfaces:

    Be aware that bridges, wooded areas and shady spots are prone to ice build up even when temperatures aren’t below freezing.

• Take Extra Care Around Corners:

    You should slow down before entering any icy corners or sharp bends as it may be harder to brake suddenly should something unexpected happen.

By following these tips, drivers can rest assured that their EV will remain safe when travelling through wintry conditions – especially if it’s equipped with good quality snow tyres!


Snowy weather presents challenges for drivers of electric cars – but they don’t have to be daunting! By fitting their vehicle with suitable snow tyres, EVs can stay safe on icy roads compared with regular vehicles without them.

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