Reviving Up the Car Recycling Revolution: A Look Inside Hamilton’s Premier Car Wreckers


If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient and cost-effective way to recycle your vehicle, Hamilton’s premier car wreckers can provide its residents with top notch car recycling solutions. For over 20 years, this experienced team of professionals has been providing knowledge, quality service and environmentally conscious solutions to the people in the Waikato region.

The company has developed a comprehensive system for salvaging and recycling automobiles regardless of make, model or condition. Locally owned and operated, they ensure that all their processes are compliant with New Zealand’s environmental regulations by using the latest technology to manage their operations.

What We Do

At Hamilton’s premier car wreckers, we offer a host of services designed to get your old car recycled in an eco-friendly way. Our services include:

  • Car Recycling: We purchase any make and model of vehicle from our customers and then dismantle it into its components for reuse, resell or recycle.
  • Parts Salvage: We strip out reusable parts from problematic vehicles, such as engines and transmissions, so that they can be used for future repairs.
  • Scrap Metal Removal: Any non-reusable metal on a vehicle is collected and sold as scrap metal.

We also specialize in recycling other components like tyres, batteries and glass which are removed from cars before they are crushed. All these parts are collected responsibly and recycled in order to minimize their environmental impact.

Our Commitment To The Environment

Hamilton’s premier car wreckers uses only sustainable practices, ensuring that no hazardous materials are released into the environment during their processing. They take great care to separate hazardous materials from non-hazardous materials and store them separately until they can be disposed of safely according to government regulations.

.The company also ensures that any scrap metal is recycled properly in order to keep it out of landfills. Additionally, any usable parts are sold on second hand markets so that they can be reused or repurposed instead of ending up in landfills or being incinerated.

Exclusively Dedicated To You

The company is dedicated exclusively to helping local New Zealand citizens recycle their vehicles responsibly. Their staff provides exceptional customer service and always puts safety first. Customers satisfaction is the utmost priority for this team of knowledgeable professionals.

  • Onsite Assessment: The staff visits your location to assess the vehicle before it is taken away for recycling – guaranteeing only the most accurate pricing for your vehicle.
  • Timely Delivery: Once you’ve agreed on a price for your vehicle, the experts will make sure that it is removed in good time.
  • Free Pickup Service: The team at Hamilton’s premier car wreckers also offer free pickup services when you’re ready to have your old car removed.

What sets Hamilton’s premier car wreckers apart from its competitors is that they make an effort to be sustainable while not compromising on value or quality service. Whether you’re looking to have an old vehicle recycled or need parts salvaged from a problematic one, this team has got you covered!


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